Laboina is the trade name of a complex of 4 molecules for cosmetic use; it is applied with precision directly on the furrows of the wrinkles. This type of application is non-invasive and external, and is performed using a special applicator which concentrates the cosmetic preparation directly on the wrinkle rather than spread it over the entire face.
The preparation, a specific anti-wrinkle product to smooth out expression lines, and the method of application, which uses a precision cosmetic applicator with a truncated tip, are protected by Swiss patent with international extension. The exclusive features of the product, due to the particular combination of relaxing active ingredients (in vitro tests) and its specific application method, entirely focused on wrinkle reduction, ensure that Laboina can rightly claim to be a forerunner of future products and cosmetic methods.
The tests carried out relate to both in vitro testing, on cell cultures, and live testing, on volunteers.
The results of smoothing out expression lines are remarkable and have been confirmed by self-assessment tests performed by a cross-section of women users who have applied Laboina for 20 days. At the end of the treatment, 80% of women noticed a reduction of expression lines in the area where the preparation had been applied.

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Cosmetic precision applicator with truncated tip: Swiss patent CH 695 412. International extension PCT WO 2006/045349.