For the eyes area, Labo Transdermic offers exclusive preparations that are particularly effective for the most frequent needs regarding eye contour, i.e. crow’s feet, dropping eyelids, puffy eyes and dark circles. Each one of these problems has been tackled in order to obtain two different effects: a treating one, acting on the causes of the problem, and an immediate one, acting on the most evident marks. The specific applicator of the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream allows to apply the product on the crow’s feet area with exact precision; the Eyelids Gel lifts and provides an immediate straightening effect; a special Gel with draining active ingredients and an immediate decongestant effect is specific for eye puffiness; the purple tone of dark circles can be camouflaged with a specific lightly coloured skin care Cream.


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Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Transdermic Care. sh-Polypeptide-1 has revitalizing and stimulating properties for skin cell proliferation; Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3 has an anti-wrinkle effect that stimulates the production of laminin and fibronectin, which are part of the dermo-epidermal junction; Hydrolyzed RNA and DNA play a cell repairing function; Darutoside is a specific molecule for eye contour crow’s feet wrinkles. By means of the specific applicator, draw up 0.5 ml of anti-wrinkle cream and apply it on both left and right eye contour wrinkles. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then gently massage until complete absorption. The application can be repeated morning and evening, as necessary. Size: 20 ml bottle with the precision applicator.


Lifting Tightening Transdermic Care for Drooping, Sagging Eyelids. Glycine, Alanine and Proline molecules are supplied to the skin since these amino acids are contained in greater percentage in collagen, the main protein composing the dermis, responsible for skin density and compactness; Darutoside is a specific molecule particularly effective on the eye contour skin. Apply a small amount of Gel on the upper eyelids and gently massage with upward movements, from inside to outside, until complete absorption. Repeat the application morning and evening. Size: 15 ml airless bottle.


Draining and Flattening Transdermic Care for Puffy Eyes (inferior eyelids). Glucosyl Hesperidin stimulates the intercellular exchanges promoting the disposal of stagnant fluids that accumulate in the lower eyelid area; Acetyl

Tetrapeptide-5 carries out a strong decongestant action. The formulation has also an immediate flattening effect on the inferior eyelids. Spread a tiny amount of Gel on the areas under the eyes. Tap gently with the fingers and leave to dry for a few seconds staying still. The tension sensation is due to the action of the Gel. In some cases the product may bring out small signs of skin dryness, easily correctable by hydrating the skin before the treatment. Repeat the application morning and/or evening. Size: 15 ml airless bottle.


Lightening Transdermic Care for Periorbital Dark Circles. N-Hydroxysuccinimide and Chrysin activate the removal of blood-originated pigments (bilirubin and iron), responsible for dark circles in the periorbital area. Smooth a small amount of Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream on the areas affected by dark shades in the lower part of the eyes. Tap gently with the fingers until complete absorption. Repeat the application morning and/or evening. Size: 15 ml airless bottle.

Brevetto Svizzero CH 705 713 B1

Filler dermo-cosmetico per applicazione esterna a rapida penetrazione.

Swiss Patent CH 695 412 A5

Graduated cosmetic precision applicator with truncated tip.

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