Thanks to the most recent molecular and transdermic innovations, Fillerina can now offer specific treatments for problematic areas. These new preparations are based on the 3D Collagen formulation, with modified concentrations of the active molecules according to the action to be performed and to the features of the area to be treated.


For the Wrinkles and the Saggings of Neck and Cleavage

New Fillerina Neck and Cleavage with 3D Collagen is to be applied in the evening for 14 days as Filler Treatment for at-home use. By means of the specific olive-shaped tip applicator, draw up and apply 1ml of Gel on the neck and 1ml on the cleavage. After 10 minutes pat the remaining product with the palm of the hands and then apply the Nourishing Film, dividing 2 ml between neck and cleavage.

The Treatment:

  • 14 Doses (2ml each) of Fillerina Gel
  • 14 Doses (2ml each) of Nourishing Film
  • 2 Precision Applicators

Available in 3 dosages:

Grade 3: Circular wrinkles and visible furrows on neck and cleavage. Visible relaxation and sagging of the skin tissues.

Grade 4: Circular wrinkles and deep furrows on neck and cleavage. Marked relaxation and sagging of the skin tissues.

Grade 5: Circular wrinkles and very deep furrows on neck and cleavage. Severe relaxation and sagging of the skin tissues.

Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Gel+Nourishing Film shall be applied for 14 consecutive days, followed by the same grade of Fillerina Neck and Cleavage Maintenance Cream in tube.


Skin Preparatory Cleanser In Cream

To promote the optimal penetration of the active ingredients and prepare the skin for the following Fillerina treatment, Labo experts have created a specific creamy cleaning formulation - unique in its kind - suitable for a daily deep, yet not aggressive, cleansing, thanks to the detergents derived from sucrose esters.

The Skin Preparatory Cleanser must be applied using the Pre-Fillerina Brush contained in the box.

Soap free. SLES free.

To be used before Fillerina treatments or when necessary.

The box contains:

  • 1 50ml tube of Pre-Fillerina Skin Cleanser
  • 1 Pre-Fillerina brush for the face massage

Gel Filler for Lip Volume and Mouth Contour


Fillerina Gel Filler for Lip Volume and Mouth Contour is contained in a new brush-tip applicator that allows to dispense a generous amount of Gel and distribute it in a more uniform and comfortable way on both the lips and the mouth contour. It can be applied more times a day. It is recommended to let the actives penetrate for a few minutes before using any lipsticks or lipglosses.

Available in 3 dosages:

Grade 3: For lips with visible emptying, irregular texture and visible wrinkles on the mouth contour.

Grade 4: For lips with marked emptying, very irregular texture and marked wrinkles on the mouth contour.

Grade 5: For lips with severe emptying, wrinkled texture and deep wrinkles on the mouth contour.


Exfoliating Lip Cream with Sucrose Grains.

Fillerina Lip Scrub is an exfoliating lip cream with sucrose grains. The high content of emollient substances makes the application extremely comfortable and leaves the lips smooth and silky. A slight massage will be necessary to gently even the epidermis of the lips; it will also be useful to reactivate and tone the cutaneous structure of the external edges of the mouth, in particular when they present wrinkles. The formulation contains Panthenol to make the exfoliating action even more delicate.

30ml Jar


Treatment for Crow’s Feet Wrinkles and Eyelids

Fillerina Gel Filler for Eyes and Eyelids, to fill the crow’s feet wrinkles and lift the eyelids, is contained in a new specific finger-tip shaped applicator that facilitates the optimal distribution of the Gel on the crow’s feet wrinkles and on the eyelids and allows to massage the skin to enhance the Gel penetration and therefore its efficacy.

Massage should be performed after 2-3 minutes since the application. The product shall be used morning and evening, and even more times a day, to enhance its action.

Available in 3 dosages:
Grade 3: For visible crow’s feet wrinkles and visible sagging of the eyelids.

Grade 4: For deep crow’s feet wrinkles and marked sagging of the eyelids.

Grade 5: For very deep crow’s feet wrinkles and severe sagging of the eyelids.

Hyaluronic Acid is not the only element of the skin that drastically diminishes with the passing of time: an important support for the skin is Collagen, which is responsible for the skin tridimensional structure and compactness.

Collagen is the main protein of the human organism: it is responsible for mechanically protecting the organism thanks to the skin, for maintaining the well-being as well as the good conditions of the skin and, secondly, of other organs, for preventing skin dehydration and keeping the tissues compact and thick. With age, the amount of collagen that our body produces decreases significantly. The skin too loses an important quantity of Collagen, with subsequent loss of density, appearance of wrinkles and creases.

With its fibres organization, Collagen represents the structure and a sort of armour for the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the main component of the extracellular matrix and, together with water molecules and other components, it constitutes the fundamental filling substance. Labo has been carrying out intensive research, tests and, then, inserted Collagen in Fillerina Gel Filler formulation in a brand innovative way, i.e. by adding 3 molecules diversifying in terms of their molecular weight. This technique promotes the Collagen modulated penetration up to the deepest layers of the dermis.

Thanks to the presence of Collagen, the effect that can be reached will show a higher density of the dermis, which will combine and enhance Fillerina filler effect.

Swiss Patent CH 705 713 B1

Fast-penetration cosmetic dermal filler for topical application.


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