Cadu-Crex Hair Loss


Cadu-Crex is a topical Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for cosmetic use in vials that helps reduce the hair loss and promote its regrowth. Its basic active ingredients (Hydroxyproline, Aspartic Acid, Enzymatic Activator and Taurine) have been tested through the Transdermic Technology (low molecular weight and with 3 enhancers) for evaluating their penetration into the hair system not only via trans-follicular route (through the follicle opening) but also transdermally (ex vivo test with Franz Cells), i.e. through the skin layers of the scalp (epidermis and dermis).

Even the active ingredients of the Hair Follicular Islands Complex have been transdermic-technologically developed, so to be useful to reduce the hair loss not only in single hair follicles but also in the hair follicular islands.

The new formulation of Labo Cadu-Crex has also been enriched with the core ingredients of Crescina, consisting of Cysteine, Lysine and a Glycoprotein to associate the anti-hair loss action with a regrowth-stimulating action. The Glycoprotein promotes the functions of the hair bulb. Cysteine and Lysine are two amino acids, essential for the synthesis of hair keratin. Cadu-Crex is useful for preventing and reducing the physiological, non-pathological, causes of hair loss.

Cadu-Crex is available in 3 concentrations:

Cadu-Crex Initial Hair Loss

Cadu-Crex Advanced Hair Loss

Cadu-Crex Serious Hair Loss


Specific formulations for Men and Women.

Packs of 20 and 40 vials containing 3,5 ml of product.

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Swiss Patent CH 693 816 A5

Trichological lotion for topical use to stimulate the hair growth and the treatment of follicular islands.

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