Three Biochemical Structures for a Super Effectiveness

3X Super Formula is a dermo-cosmetic treatment that relies on three biochemical structures to treat the most common skin problems.

3X Super formula

To get visible results on your skin, you have to set specific goals.
5 needs, 5 solutions, 5 specific treatments. To treat your skin daily problems with an Intensive Solution in vials, Labo researchers have created 5 innovative Super Formulae: Anti-Wrinkle, Revitalizing Anti-Age, Firming, Clarifying, Purifying.

Biochemical Structures
To reawake the skin potential, to increase the cellular energy charge, to carry out their action more effectively.
different Super Formulas
Against the most common skin problems: Anti-Wrinkle, Revitalizing Anti-Age, Firming, Clarifying, Purifying.
different treatments
Intensive treatment in vials, creams and face mask.


Acting at the microbiome level, and thanks to the Transdermic Technology, 3X Super Formula acts in a powerful and effective way against the most common imperfections for a super triple-action performance.



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