It helps promote the physiological hair growth, restores and strengthens the scalp.

Specific formulations for men and women.


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Labo’s research created a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment developed by the union of 6 hyaluronic acids with the aim of helping the cutaneous filling of face and neck areas, such as cheekbones and wrinkles.


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Labo Transdermic

Face Treatments with the new Transdermic Technology

A World First

With Fillerina 8 Hyaluronic Acids

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Strong customized treatments with combinable transdermic ingredients to solve up to three individual problems simultaneously

Worldwide Innovation

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Cadu Crex is a cosmetic anti-hair loss treatment for topical use in vials, that helps reduce both continuous and sporadic hair loss and promote hair re-growth.

Vials are available in specific formulations for Men and Women and in 3 different dosages.

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