Double treatment with Active Oxygen for at-home use.

Labo studied and developed an innovative method combining highly penetrating active oxygen with transdermic functional molecules.


Combined Formulation with Oxygen and Active Molecules
OXY-TREAT is a cutting-edge dermo-cosmetic therapy for at-home use that combines the extraordinary regenerative properties of active oxygen, capable of penetrating deep into the skin, with specific transdermic components for the solution of skin imperfections.

increase in intracellular oxygen
Penetration test with Franz cells relating to the oxygen increase, thanks to the perfluorinated molecules of OXY-TREAT.
Tested oxygen perfluorinated molecules
The OXY-TREAT method involves the use of perfluorinated molecules (PFCs) capable of conveying molecular oxygen deeply into the skin layers.
different formulations for face and body
The OXY-TREAT treatment is available in 21 formulations for specific facial imperfections, 6 formulation for cellulite blemishes and 6 formulations for localized adiposity.

The benefits of a deep oxygenation

The deep oxygenation has countless benefits on the skin. It rekindles metabolic processes and cellular activities, improves micro-circulation, has a detoxifying, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and lightening action.



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