Helps counteract the spread of white hair

White Hair is a free of colorants treatment for topical use, promoting the formation of hair melanin.

Hero_white hair

Helps counteract the greying process.
Skin aging and several external factors cause natural melanin to gradually disappear, leaving the hair depigmented. Natural melanin formation processes can be facilitated thanks to the active ingredients with low and very low molecular weight inserted in the preparation.

Transdermic Technology Molecules
Active molecules with very low molecular weights to counteract graying process and promote the recovery of natural hair color.
average of white hair density
Based on a clinical assessment of pigmentation, after 3 months of White Hair application.
different sizes for men and women
White Hair is available in two sizes, with different formulations or Men and for Women: 20-vial box for a one-month treatment and 40-vial box for two-month treatment.

physiological greying

Apparently, as we age, we switch from a grey to a white colour of the hair. However, it is only an optical effect due to the number of hairs affected by the phenomenon. In fact, there are only two types of hair: pigmented and non-pigmented ones.



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