Labo Suisse is market leader in premium dermo-cosmetic products inspired by aesthetic medicine.

Founded in Basel in 1986, for over 30 years Labo Suisse has been constantly involved in research and development of cutting-edge techniques in order to produce non-invasive and highly effective products, always renewed in terms of function and promise, with innovative, alternative and patented formulations and technical and sophisticated packagings. Labo Suisse is recognized and renowned all over the world for using the latest technologies, understanding and anticipating the trends. Nowadays, Labo can count on a network of exclusive distributors in 44 countries, the presence on the best outlets worldwide and on a high customer loyalty.

  1. Excellence

    in everything that bears its brands: products, promises, communications, relationships. Ordinariness is not part of Labo’s vocabulary. Everything is designed and created to stand out from other companies.

  2. Innovation

    of its products, methods and applications. Labo consumers know that our products are at the forefront of cosmetic industry and that their efficacy is proven by numerous clinical tests and studies: every innovation is covered by a Swiss Patent.

  3. Taking Care

    of consumers, employees and business partners. Labo believes in long-term relationships, which bring benefits and create value to all the people involved: consumers, employees or business partners.

  4. Added Value

    Labo wants to create the highest value possible for society and consumers. This aspiration permeates every branch of the company.


Labo identifies two entities: the Swiss company and the Italian branch.
Their mission is to make relevant investments in research, design and production of value added cosmetic products.


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