Strong customized treatments with combinable transdermic ingredients to solve up to three individual problems simultaneously

Worldwide Innovation

Highly-effective ingredients for the most felt and wide-spread dermo-cosmetic problems.
Auxiliary actives developed to further support the 10 Strong Ingredients
Formulated to optimize the penetration capacity of the X-Ingredients Actives

X-Ingredients is an innovative concept of customizable dermo-cosmetic preparations that is based on each user being able to easily select their own highly effective Transdermic Technology active ingredients (Strong Ingredients) for targeting specific skin problems or conditions (Strong Problems) and mix them with the transdermic base cream at the point of use.

Existing cosmetic products in the skincare market may not adequately respond to the general conditions of the consumer’s skin or to more specific individual problems affecting their skin and, above all, the cosmetic action developed by a single product is not usually able to solve a range of skin concerns.

There is a growing demand for finding simple but effective personalized solutions to strong problems, that is to say each user’s specific skin problems. Individual skin problems, which vary in origin and nature, and may also occur at the same time, are addressed using solutions formulated with X-Ingredients bespoke recipes.

The consumer is able to select strong, highly effective solutions, which combines to create a unique, original and highly personalized treatment for use at home.

Customization and extraordinary efficacy

The concentrated actives consist in 10 Strong Ingredients and 5 Extra Help which provide auxiliary actions. These ingredients can be combined in various ways: first choose the answer to the main skin problem and then choose the solution to additional or related skin conditions. Up to three X-Ingredients (among Strong Ingredients and Extra Help) can be combined. All the active molecules are highly concentrated and boosted thorugh the Labo Transdermic Technology enhancers for a controlled penetration in the cutaneous layers.

The Choice

By referring to the summary table here aside, the skin conditions requiring treatment are easily identifiable, even for non-pros, also thanks to dedicated recommendation form available for clarity of choice.

How to use

Just add one to three drops of the concentrated active X-Ingredient to the selected  base cream at the point of use. Up to three concentrated active ingredients can be used together for differentiated problems. The X-Ingredients are contained in 10 ml droppers.

Transdermic Bases

There are three bases for the face (available in a 40 ml airless dispenser) and one for the eyes-lips (available in a 15 ml airless dispenser). These have specific textures and enhancer ingredients to optimise the transdermic penetration of the active molecules. The packaging for each base cream also contains a small dish and a little spatula for easily blending the emulsion with the drops of the selected ingredients.

Perfume free (X-Ingredients, Base E) • Allergens Free Perfumes (Bases R/L/O) • Paraben Free • Free of Colorants (Except for X-Ingredients 8) • Silicone Free • Mineral Oils Free • Nickel Tested Dermotologically Tested

Labo has many years of experience developing research into the skin’s physiology, as well as the most effective active ingredients that are able to penetrate the skin. The result is our patented Transdermic Technology (Swiss patent no. CH 711 466), which allows to control the capability of each individual dermo-cosmetic molecules to penetrate the skin layers (epidermis and dermis). Once absorbed, these active ingredients are able to develop a significant dermo-cosmetic activity that is capable of providing guaranteed solutions for the main skin problems.

Transdermic Technology is based on the very low molecular weight of the active molecules, enabling them to penetrate through the skin’s different layers. It is precisely this characteristic that makes them very effective actives.

Transdermic penetration control and optimization are also possible thanks to the presence of 3 enhancers (Caprylyl Glycol, Decylene Glycol and Pentylene Glycol).

The percentages reported on the packaging refer to the transdermic penetration of the functional active molecules, in solution, after 24 hours. Transdermic penetration was made possible by the new Labo technology and tested by means of Franz Cells.

All X-Ingredients Bases come in a box containing also a small dish and a little spatula that have been specifically conceived to mix the base with the drops of X-Ingredients concentrated actives.

The recommended quantity of face cream per application is two doses. Dispense the two doses (to be chosen among bases R, L or O) on the small dish. The number of concentrated actives’ drops to be added depends on the number of X-Ingredients droppers chosen.

For example, when combining one X-Ingredients dropper, it is possible to add three drops to the base cream.

When combining two droppers, it is possible to add three drops per bottle, for a total of six drops.

When combining three X-Ingredients, the recommended number of drops per bottle is two, for a total of six drops.

By means of the little spatula, mix the ingredients up to forming a fluid and perfectly blended preparation, then apply it on face and neck after a thorough cleansing. Use once or twice a day for a 4-week treatment.

The recommended doses for Base E (eyes and lips) consist in one dose of cream and one drop of X-Ingredients dropper, up to a maximum of two X-Ingredients actives.