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Highly-effective ingredients for the most felt and wide-spread dermo-cosmetic problems.

X-Ingredients 1

Strong Problem - Wrinkles and Microrelief
Strong Ingredients - 7 Growth Factors

Skin Regeneration

Lines and an uneven microrelief are caused by the skin’s ageing process, which depletes the tissues, creating visible lines and a disorganised structure at the surface of the skin.
X-Ingredients 1 contains a high concentration of 7 Growth Factors, dermo-cosmetic synthetic Plate-Like molecules similar to the endogenous ones (sh- Polypeptide-93, sh-Polypeptide-11, sh-Polypeptide-8, sh-Oligopeptide-1, sh-Polypeptide-3, sh-Polypeptide-5, sh-Oligopeptide-2). They play a fundamental role in helping the reactivation of skin regeneration mechanisms, counteracting the slowdown of epidermis cellular turnover and the depletion of the dermal structures. The resulting effect is a reduction in the number of wrinkles and the smoothness of a renewed skin surface. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 2

Strong Problem - Deep Wrinkles and Furrows
Strong Ingredients - 3 Collagens, Decontracting Peptide

Replenishing Relaxing Effect
Deep lines and furrows are caused by mimetic facial movements: over time, dynamic lines (visible only during facial expressions) become static lines (visible even when the facial muscles are at rest). The deeper lines take on the appearance of particularly visible furrows.
X-Ingredients 2 contains a high concentration of three Collagen molecules with different molecular weights. By penetrating up to the dermis (ex-vivo test with Franz Diffusion Cells) they help the restoration of the extra-cellular matrix, and the physiological filling of the deepest skin layers. The relaxing effect is performed by a dermo-cosmetic decontracting molecule, Acetyl Octapeptide-3, that works on skin micro-contractions, thus easing the smoothing of expression lines. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 3

Strong Problem - Skin Slackening
Strong Ingredients - 2 Elastins, Densifying Peptide

Lifting Effect

Skin slackening manifests with drooping facial features, a poorly defined facial contour and flaccid, loose skin. Skin slackening is caused by a reduction in the number of dermal fibres and a decrease in their hold intensity. This results in them becoming disorganised and loosing elasticity and turgor.
X-Ingredients 3 contains a high concentration of two Elastins with two different molecular weights (Hydrolyzed Elastin 1.4K Da and Hydrolyzed Elastin 2.2K Da) and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, a dermocosmetic peptide with densifying and anti-gravity properties. They work in synergy thanks to the Transdermic Technology (ex-vivo test with Franz Diffusion Cells). Elastin is the protein that allows tissues to revert to their original shape after stretching or contracting, thus counteracting the skin slackening and promoting a lifting effect. The densifying peptide helps the strengthening of dermis fibres for a firming effect. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 4

Strong Problem - Mature Skin, Anti-Aging
Strong Ingredients - Omega 3-6-9

Anti-Aging Restorative Effect

Mature skin presents multiple problems connected to chronological ageing, as well as photo-ageing, which mainly manifests on the skin’s surface. The skin cells are not able to develop their physiological activity in the way that younger skin does; the regenerative processes are slowed down and the skin looks devitalised, damaged and wrinkled.
X-Ingredients 4 contains a high concentration of Omega 3-6-9 (Omega-3 – Linolenic Acid; Omega-6 – Linoleic Acid; Omega-9 – Oleic Acid). Omega 3-6-9 are essential fatty acids that our body does not produce on its own. They play a remarkable variety of actions and are highly beneficial to the skin: in fact, they form a fundamental part of the cell membranes, thus maintaining skin integrity. They help defend keratinocytes and fibroblasts from photo-aging damages, allowing the skin to regain a younger and more vital look. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 5

Strong Problem - Dull Skin
Strong Ingredients - Vitamin C, Lightening Peptide

Brightening Effect

Dull, grey skin is due to the formation of a thick and opaque stratum corneum, which prevents the skin from appearing translucent and radiant. This can form after repeated exposure to UV rays or due to a reduction in the turnover of corneocytes, which start to bind together, creating a tough, leathery epidermal surface with a greyish hue.
X-Ingredients 5 contains a high concentration of Vitamin C and Oligopeptide-68 for a clarifying and brightening effect. Vitamin C is well-known for its anti-oxidant and protective properties. At skin level, it counteracts melanin formation and reduces excessive skin pigmentation. Oligopeptide-68 is a dermo-cosmetic biomimetic peptide that inhibits the tyrosinase activity and, in synergy with Vitamin C, stops melanin synthesis process, restoring the skin radiance and helping it regain a glowing and brightening look. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 6

Strong Problem - Dark Spots
Strong Ingredients - Kojic Acid, Glycolic Acid

Reduces Hyperpigmented Areas

Dark spots form due to an accumulation of melanin in the skin’s outermost layers. This is a problem connected to both age-related and hormonal factors or damages caused by photo-ageing (UV radiation), which makes the melanin responsible for the skin’s constitutional colour become disorganised, causing it to aggregate in areas that are increasingly visible and which become age spots over time, or form patches of uneven pigmentation on the skin.
X-Ingredients 6 contains a high concentration of Kojic Acid and Glycolic Acid with remarkable depigmenting and clarifying properties. Kojic Acid helps reduce melanin over-production, thus diminishing dark spots and hyperpigmented areas. Glycolic Acid contributes to renew the superficial skin layers allowing to gradually obtain a uniform complexion. Do not sunbathe during the treatment. Use a sun protection before sun exposure. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 7

Strong Problem - Irritated Skin with Blotches
Strong Ingredients - Panthenol, Bisabolol

Soothing Anti-Redness Effect
Very sensitive skin is susceptible to irritation, becoming reddish in appearance and causing discomfort or a burning sensation. Redness is often caused by broken capillaries which, in the presence of environmental stress factors, become dilated and visible on the skin’s surface. In these cases, it is advisable to calm and protect sensitive, irritated skin with substances that have highly soothing properties.
X-Ingredients 7 contains a high concentration of Panthenol (Provitamin B5) and Bisabolol (active ingredient derived from camomile) with strong soothing and calming properties. Their action promotes a strengthening and protective effect, thus reducing the intensity of the reactive response to external aggressions or individual physiological conditions. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 8

Strong Problem - Dry, Parched Skin
Strong Ingredients - B-Group Vitamins

Hydration and Nourishment

Dehydrated, parched skin is abnormally dry skin. This condition can be related to a dry climate, a harsh winter climate, a severe lack of vitamins, the use of pharmaceuticals or overexposure to sunlight. Skin looses moisture and is incapable of retaining the correct amount of water. It can become sore and irritated, causing itchiness. Washing too frequently, especially with soap, can contribute to drying the skin out.
X-Ingredients 8 contains a high concentration of the 8 B-Group Vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin). B-Group Vitamins are particularly suitable for treating a dehydrated skin thanks to their strong nourishing and moisturizing properties, as they assist the rebuilding of the skin lipid layer and the natural moisturizing factor. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 9

Strong Problem - Sebum and Dilated Pores
Strong Ingredients - Vitamin H, Azelaic Acid

Mattifying Refining Effect

Sebum and dilated pores are characteristic of oily or combination skin. Excess sebum is a constitutional characteristic that can never be completely eliminated but can be kept under control and rebalanced. In this case, the skin’s appearance is shiny and the pores, particularly on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), are dilated and sometimes become blocked, causing blackheads and small blemishes.
X-Ingredients 9 contains a high concentration of Vitamin H and Azelaic Acid, both active ingredients particularly suitable to control the excessive production of skin sebum and perform a mild disinfectant and antiseptic action for an astringent, mattifying and refining effect. In particular, Vitamin H (Biotin) plays a sebum-regulating action. Azelaic Acid has rebalancing properties on sebaceous secretion while performing an antibacterial and purifying effect on dilated pores helping reduce their visibility. Transdermic Technology molecules.

X-Ingredients 10

Strong Problem - Eye Bags and Dark Circles
Strong Ingredients - Centella, Hesperidin

Draining Depigmenting Effect
The eye contour can be affected by a range of problems, such as puffiness (in particular under the eyes) and dark circles or “bags”, which often appear together. In the first case, the swelling that forms the bag is due to a reduced capacity of the skin’s tissues and the lymphatic vessels around the eyes to drain the toxin-rich fluids, which then results in a build-up that is unsightly and causes discomfort. Dark shadows are connected to excessive pigmentation caused by a reduced circulation in the blood vessels in the infraorbital region and by an accumulation of melanin in the more superficial layers of the dermis, and which remains deposited for a long time.
X-Ingredients 10 contains a high concentration of Centella Asiatica (plant extract) and Hesperidin. The extract of Centella Asiatica has well-known draining and decongestant properties that assist the reduction of eyelid swelling and eye contour puffiness. Hesperidin plays a depigmenting effect and promotes the decrease of pigments build-up that gives rise to dark circles. It shall be associated to Base E, suitable for the application on the eye contour. Transdermic Technology molecules.

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