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When is the Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss treatment recommended?

Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss is the ideal preparation in vials for any type of hair loss (initial, profuse, severe). It is chosen on the basis of the level of hair loss. Thanks to the presence of 20% of the Crescina Re-Growth formula, the preparation guarantees a high-performing level of treatment in terms of final result, and it helps the regrowth of quality hair.

Who is the Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss Hair Follicular Islands treatment recommended for?

Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss Hair Follicular Islands is generally recommended to a younger public, or to those wishing a more complete and performing treatment.

How can I choose between Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss and Crescina Complete Treatment?

Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss treatment is recommended for anyone wishing to counteract excessive hair loss. Crescina, on the other hand, is indicated in cases of thinning due to physiological and non-pathological causes.

Do you have any other doubts?

Any other doubts or curiosities about Labo treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in choosing the preparation that best suits your needs.


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