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Can I alternate the White Hair treatment with other Labo hair lines?

Of course. However, Labo experts suggest evaluating the main need when choosing a Labo treatment. For example, a hair loss problem should first be treated with the Labo Hair Loss 5 Patents or Cadu-Crex Anti-hair Loss in vials and then move on to the White Hair vials; if the problem is thinning, we recommend first using the Crescina Re-Growth treatment and then eventually White Hair.

How many months of White Hair treatment are suggested?

A treatment cycle lasts 3 months and can be repeated at least twice a year. The treatment is available in a pack of 20 vials (1-month treatment) and 40 vials (2-month treatment).

Can I use the White Hair treatment on certain areas of the scalp only?

Yes, but it is preferable to apply the treatment all over the scalp to prevent the appearance of white hair.

What is the difference between the White Hair formulations for men and women?

Usually, women's hair are more frequently exposed to dietary insufficiency and oxidative stress (for example perms and dyes). For this reason, the female formulation has an additional molecule plus folic acid, wich is useful to counteract graying in women.

Do you have any other doubts?

Any other doubts or curiosities about Labo treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in choosing the preparation that best suits your needs.


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