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When should I use Collagenina?

Collagenina Face Pack with 6 Collagens is a plumping firming dermal treatment indicated for the skin tissues of the face characterized by relaxation, tired and drooping features, marked microrelief. It can be used any time of the year, and does not cause photosensitization reactions.

How do I prep the skin for Collagenina Intensive Treatment?

As it is a preparation that features the Transdermic Technology, good cleansing, both daily and periodically, is recommended in order to get the maximum efficacy results from its formulation properties. Cleansing should be carried out according to skin type and habits (which can affect skin quality).

Should Collagenina Intensive Treatment be carried out only in the evening?

The treatment should preferably be carried out in the evening, on perfectly cleansed skin. However, there are no contraindications in using the Intensive Treatment in the morning instead of in the evening. In the case of using the Intensive Treatment with Collagenina Face Pack with 6 Collagens in the evening, Collagenina Day Cream can be used the morning after application. Vice versa, in the case of using the Intensive Treatment in the morning, Collagenina Night Cream can be used before bedtime. Collagenina daily cream treatments - Day Cream, Night Cream, Neck Cream - can also be used regardless of the Intensive Treatment, as they are daily treatments themselves.

Is it possible to apply makeup after the completion of Collagenina intensive treatment?

Absolutely. With the recommendation, however, to wait until the skin is well dried. The skin will look nicely smooth, velvety, radiant, and without residue.

Can Collagenina be used in combination with other dermo-cosmetic treatments?

In case you want to use your usual day or night creams (either from Labo or others) you can combine them as long as the Intensive Treatment with the application of Collagenina Face Pack is not overlaid with other products.
Collagenina treatment cycle recommended by Labo experts is about 1 month, i.e., the 14-day duration of the Face Pack plus two other weeks with the Daily Creams. It can be repeated several times a year or as needed.

How can I choose the grade of Collagenina?

Collagenina treatments are available with increasing concentrations of both the 6 Collagens for in-depth fast penetration and the additional molecules for the production of endogenous collagen. Concentrations correspond to three degrees of severity of skin relaxation: Grade 1 for initial laxity; Grade 2 for moderate laxity; Grade 3 for advanced laxity.

Do you have any other doubts?

Any other doubts or curiosities about Labo treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in choosing the preparation that best suits your needs.


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