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Are there any suggestions to choose the Fillerina Sun Beauty treatments?

Before choosing the best product for your needs, it is good to know your phototype. The phototype is expressed with a number and indicates the individual sensitivity to solar radiation. It provides a measure of how well the skin can protect itself from the sun. The phototype can be defined as the complex of individual characters affecting the behavior of the skin. The most recognized international classification identifies 6 different phototypes.

Are Fillerina Sun Beauty preparations water resistant?

Body Spray and Body Milk are water resistant while face creams are not.

What is meant by dynamic protection?

Normally, the sun filter acts immediately in order to protect the skin but it is naturally "consumed" by the action of the sun, decreasing the protective capacity of the sun product itself. In Fillerina sunscreens, the UV filters are partly free (guaranteeing an immediate protection) and partly inserted in special cyclodextrins. Thanks to this particular form of conveyance, a part of the sunscreens is protected from photo-chemical degradation induced by the sun. Sunscreens are continuously available on the skin, ensuring dynamic protection and increasing the shelter from the sun risks.

What are the methods of use of Fillerina Sun Beauty?

Sunscreen products should be abundantly applied all over the face and body at least 15 minutes before the exposure. They should be applied repeatedly during sun exposure. In order to maintain the original level of protection, it is suggested to repeat the application after perspiration, after each bath and after drying.

Do you have any other doubts?

Any other doubts or curiosities about Labo treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in choosing the preparation that best suits your needs.


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