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Can I combine Rinfoltina with Crescina and/or Cadu-Crex treatments?

Rinfoltina promotes the growth of healty hair and is therefore recommended to restore length, thickness, body, brilliance, natural softness, density. Therefore it does not treat problems such as hair thinning and/or loss. However, Rinfoltina can also be recommended to those who periodically use Crescina Re-Growth, Labo Hair-Loss 5 Patents or Cadu-Crex. Anyhow, It is better use other hair treatments at the end of Rinfoltina cycle treatment.

Do other products such as Rinfoltina Shampoo and Conditioner have healing characteristics comparable to vials?

No, rinse-off products cannot have the same effectiveness of treatment vials but are highly qualitative cleansing products, especially developed to bring aesthetic benefits to the hair shaft.

Do you have any other doubts?

Any other doubts or curiosities about Labo treatments? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to support you in choosing the preparation that best suits your needs.


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