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Labo Forest: Labo puts down roots for a more sustainable future

Since 1986 Labo Suisse is specializing in dermo-cosmetics for skin and hair care, dedicating considerable resources to the research and development of innovative and patented cosmetic products that distributes worldwide thanks to a network of exclusive resellers. Labo has always looked to the future with foresight and now wants to make that future more sustainable by joining a noble environmental project: LABO FOREST.

This project is a concrete demonstration of the company’s commitment to the environment and future generations. The Labo Suisse Forest is part of a path whose main objective is to reduce the environmental impact of its activities in a tangible, measurable and concrete way: reduction of plastic materials in packaging, use of recycled materials, awareness of proper disposal by consumers. Labo Suisse programme aims to raise awareness of increasingly eco-compatible behaviour in internal processes and relations with partners, exclusive distributors and end consumers.

In 2017, it was reported that more than 20% of the entire Amazon Forest area had been cleared. In recent years the trend, unfortunately, seems not to have improved, mainly due to pressure from livestock and agricultural activities. Developing reforestation projects is essential and contributes to maintaining the balance of the Earth Ecosystem, as well as countering the climate crisis. The more trees we plant, the more C02 we absorb from the atmosphere, bringing a global benefit to the planet.

This is why the LABO FOREST was born, with the aim of restoring the landscapes of the Peruvian Amazon by strengthening local communities. The direct collaboration with farmers and indigenous communities helps to regenerate the forests and improve the resources and livelihoods available to the population.


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